Welcome to Arts Pharmacy

These are times of ancient needs and music is a powerful tool which we can use to transform our lives.
Arts Pharmacy is dedicated to creating innovative performances and learning opportunities for everyone!

Be a musical explorer and take a journey to learn about yourself and make a deeper musical connection. Look at the instrument you play or the songs or styles you love in a different way. Hear the sounds and language of music in a way that lets you communicate more freely. 
Arts Pharmacy performances integrate drumming, singing and participation in many ways while always using songs that the audience is familiar with to engage. Creative instruments like our peace pipes, spackle bucket drums and interesting instrument combinations stimulate the musical imagination and create a one of a kind sonic landscape.

Please view our videos, read our philosophy and explore this site as a stepping stone into this magical adventure!

CDs and Merchandise are always available and e-mail contact is a great way to have a performance of Jack’s Waterfall at your venue or to book a private lesson or spot in our group classes.

We look forward to joining with you on a quest to fill the world with beauty and hope!




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