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Arts Pharmacy specializes in original programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.  The programs are always engaging, timely and fun. Some of our clients include The Great South Bay Music Festival, The YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, Camp Pa Qua Tuck, The Lucero Peace Vigil and Hope Children’s Fund.

Inside Song - Music Assembly
Dance, drum, sing, and move with us on a musical adventure! Inside Song is a dynamic introduction to the value of mindfulness. Using homemade instruments, such as spackle bucket drums and PVC pipe percussion, children will experience music as an outlet for energy and creativity. This upbeat, interactive program lead by admired music educator Jack Licitra is age-appropriate for elementary school children. Participants begin to build a better world through music by learning the importance of reading, self-expression, and being kind to others.

Recycled Music - Music Assembly
Earth Day is every day on this musical adventure! Through this interactive program, kids will be inspired to take care of the earth and others. Drums and pitch pipes made from repurposed PVC pipes and Spackle Buckets teach kids about the importance of recycling. Using music as the language, Jack Licitra introduces participants to mindfulness and self-expression. Familiar pop songs, traditional kids’ sing-alongs, and a drum circle are the backdrop to tell the story of the “Whales in the Bay” and their nemesis Indra the Garbage Monster. With music as an outlet for energy and creativity, this program can guide kids towards building a better world through music. This upbeat, interactive program is age-appropriate for elementary school children to learn skills that will last them a lifetime.

Confidence Drumming - Special Needs Program
Dance, drum, sing, and move with us on a musical adventure! Confidence Drumming is an inspirational introduction to drumming for our most special learners. This is program is perfect for schools, facilities and events that want to be more inclusive. It takes kids on a journey to find their unique song with light drumming, singing and adaptable movements and instruments. This interactive program lead by admired music educator Jack Licitra is appropriate for children and teenagers with special needs. Participants begin to build self-esteem by learning about rhythm and music as an outlet for energy and expression.

The Mirror - For Anti-bullying and Self-awareness Events
This program is perfect for communities working toward greater understanding and sensitivity towards ourselves and others. It uses songs and a participatory story called “The Mirror” to help kids understand how the voice of their inner
critic works, where it comes from, and how it might be holding them back. The songs teach kids a technique to develop more freedom by using movement, voice and posture to gain confidence and express their feelings in positive ways.

Classroom Mindfulness - Teacher Training Program
A classroom run with mindfulness can increase efficiency and harmony in schools. This training program run by admired music educator and mindfulness coach Jack Licitra will provide teachers with the tools and skills to bring mindfulness to education. Teachers will learn methods to train students to be more self-aware and present in the classroom. The skills that teachers pass on will affect students in every aspect of their lives and lead to more fulfillment and success for them.  

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