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Twelve new songs that will help awaken your creative voice.


After years of feeding my teaching and healing with self expression through writing and recording, I wanted to create a project that helps people connect to their creative path - beautiful music and powerful thoughts to open the door.
- Jack Licitra -

On The Path


different kind of musical


Jack Licitra began a different kind of music teaching practice in 2001. He believes music has an incredible healing power that the world needs now- more then ever. Since then South Bay Arts has combined private lessons, kids concerts, community service and more to share that healing power, and help create an inspired community.  ​Join us on our journey to fill the world with beauty and hope! ​


The Power

of music

Jack writes about the power of music helping kids with autism in the May/June 

issue of Energy Magazine 


Now Available


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Part music, part meditation, part life coach, and part friend!

7 Upifting songs followed by the 7 songs with inspiring words movements, breathing instruction and intentions included. Helpful for parents, teachers, kids and special learners!

Kids for kids

getting kids focused on using music to help others



Jack’s teaching practice has one central idea: “Connection.” Private Lessons are available for Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Songwriting and Accordion.  Every student is approached in a unique way that helps them achieve their goals while learning some innovative techniques. This approach has  yielded incredible results over the years from multiple idol contest winners,  perfect NYSSMA scores, recording artists, performing artists and folks who just have a great time playing music!



Arts Pharmacy specializes in original programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.  The programs are always engaging, timely and fun. Some of our clients include The Great South Bay Music Festival, The YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, Camp Pa Qua Tuck, The Lucero Peace Vigil and Hope Children’s Fund.



Jack became a Reiki master in 1998. He spent years refining his energetic abilities working with Dr. Susan Groh. On the second day of training his Master Deborah Anderson made him promise that he would never leave music, but always combine the energy healing with its power.

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